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fill and send

Ref/photo of the character You want me to draw:

I will draw the exact character as in the reference


pose (optional) :

a pic/example of the pose u want me to draw!


face expression (optional) :

Do you want a certain emotion feeling?


Additional Items:
Like holding a Bouquet, doll or other Items

Send filled in 




Items +:

Send to: Chat here , Instagram dm (kyoukaraa_art) or Mail


  1. Those commissions are just for personal use, if there is a hint of commercial use/interest, please contact me via Dm/chat. Different prices.

  2.  Please have a reference, I will not draw based on your description (thus creating an oc for you)

  3.  Full payment in advance, once received I will start with your commission.

  4.  I will draw: Mecha, Oc , Fanart (no sell/commercial intention) 

   5.  I won't draw: Gore, Furry, NSFW (with exceptions)

   6. Please understand that I do have other commissions to work on, it may be finished fast or take a bit. you will be informed about the stage your commission is in regular.

You receive a 2000x2000 file (or A5) 300 dpi


  1. Fill in a commission request form and send it to me via DM on instagram direct message or email.

  2. Once I accepted your commission request I will inform you about the status.

  3.  Full payment in advance, once received I will start with your commission.

  4. communication via Dm, Discord or Mail. Choosed based on your preference.

  5. During sketching and coloring stages I will provide WIPS to ensure that it is on the right track of what you would like to be drawn. You can request for edits during those times.

  6. Once everything’s finalized and drawn, you pay the rest of the payment and I will send the final, un-watermarked image to you through email.

  7. I will only draw what was agreed on, changes will be charged extra.

Illustrator for character/background design in Visual Novels and games.

For business contact me at

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