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STICKER SETS (2-3 Stickers in each)

STICKER SETS (2-3 Stickers in each)


Sticker Sets with 2-3 Stickers in each set!


Different themed Stcikersets with 2 Stickers in each and accessories Stickers making it up to 3 different Stickers. Please choose the ones you would like to have, there is a difference in the tea girl Series Stickers, where 2 Motives are choosable.



1. Tv Chan & Mayumi (Ocean-Chan)     8cm/3,5"

2. Aesthetic Panels + pill (3 stickers)      8cm/3,5"

3. Lily Vending Machine Day +night +Rose Milk  5cm/2,5"

4. Moon Girl Day + Night + Rose Milk 5cm/2,5"

5. Water Melon ice & Day & night Tea 8cm/3,5"

6  Lily mint Boba & Watermelon Ice 8cm/3,5"

7 Lily Mint Boba & Day & night tea 8cm/3,5"

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